(Re)Design Your Fur

Fur is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource. When stored and maintained professionally you can expect many years of enjoyment. If your current fur needs a complete overhaul in design, let our experts work with you to create a contemporary and useful new fashionable style from your fur. This is the perfect approach if you have an heirloom coat from generations past, a thrift shop find or got caught up in the moment when you purchased a trendy style.

Care Tips

Annual Cleaning & Storage
Fur by Design is equipped with a professional temperature, humidity and light storage facility to protect your fur. Have your fur cleaned annually by the experts and definitely not by a dry cleaner. An annual check-up for your fur will extend it's years of enjoyment.

How to Hang a Fur

Always hang your fur on a broad-shouldered hanger. Give your fur enough room in the closet. Avoid leaving a fur hanging in a bright place where the light can cause the fur to oxidize or change color. Avoid hanging your fur near a direct heat source.

Fur Needs to Breathe... A Fur Covers You; Do Not Cover It.

Never store your fur in a plastic bag where air cannot circulate. Furs like to breathe. Plastic prevents air from circulating, can dry out the leather and facilitate moths. Same goes fro your garment bag. The garment bag should only be used to transport your fur.

Wet Furs

If your fur gets wet, shake it out and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room. Keep it away from direct exposure from a heater or radiator. Never use a hair dryer or put the coat in a dryer machine. All of these heat sources will cause the fur to dry out and lose their shape. Most furs handle getting caught in the rain and snow well if exposed to small amounts. If the fur is soaked through, take it immediately to the experts at Fur by Design for proper treatment. Never comb or brush your fur coat. 

Avoid Wear & Rub Patterns

Try not to rub the fur with shoulder straps, handbags, backpacks or packages as it can cause wear spots. Try not to put stress on the pockets as they can tear. Open the bottom closing when sitting. If you have a long coat, pick it up when using the staircase. Be sure your fur is not hanging out of a vehicle's door before you shut the door.

Do Not Self-Mothproof

Never attempt to mothproof a fur yourself. Home treatments are no substitute for professional cleaning and storage.

Never Use Cleaning Materials on a Fur
Never use sprays or cleaning fluids on your fur. Fur by Design can professionally clean and
condition your fur each year to insure many years of enjoyment.

Chemical Imbalance

Avoid spraying perfume or hairspray onto your fur. It is best to wear a scarf around your neck when you wear your fur to protect the neckline from getting soiled.

With a little TLC you can enjoy your fur for many years!

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