Featured Fur Fashions

Today’s fashionable women are constantly playing different roles. Your fur wardrobe should fit into all you do. Fur by Design offers you an exclusive opportunity to enter our private showroom and explore this season’s current fur fashions. Our extensive selection covers all walks of life. As fur experts, we specialize in custom made to measure furs to satisfy you every need. Contact us for an appointment to explore how you can look fabulous in fur.

Image 1 Elegant Evenings.jpg

Elegant Evenings

Special occasions are the perfect excuse to play dress up with an exquisite evening piece to complete the night

Image 2 Street Style.jpg

Street Style

Pound the pavement with an urban beat

Image 3 Best of Both Sides.JPG

The Best of Both Sides

Find yourself having fun on the flip side as you wear your reversible coat as a fur fashion or as outerwear

Image 4 Sumptuous Sable (1).jpg

Sumptuous Sable

Fill your discerning appetite in an elite class of luxury

Image 5 The Classics (1).jpg

The Classics

While turning heads, you will always be in style with mink

Image 6 Vested in the Vest (1).JPG

Vested in the Vest

The perfect topper for every fashionable wardrobe

Image 7 Color Me Fun (1).jpg

Color Me Fun

Playful palettes let you express your personality through color

Image 8 Snow White (1).JPG

Snow White

Become the epitome of winter in your own wonderland

Image 9 Luxurious Luxe (1).JPG

Luxurious Luxe

For when your taste in fur fashions is elevated to the next level

Image 10 Rustic Chic (1).jpg

Rustic Chic

Down to earth colors and styling make perfect everyday fur fashions