Design Services

We have an inherit passion for what we do. Fur by Design sincerely strives to collaborate with you in maintaining the life of your fur through one of our many professional services.


The possibilities are endless. We specialize in turning your existing fur into a newly transformed design you will enjoy wearing for years to come. We are also available year-round for all of your fur service needs.

Explore the numerous services Fur by Design offers


Let the experts sew tears and openings and repair worn areas on your fur

Update Your Silhouette 

Let us bring your retro style up to date with a contemporary made to measure design

Tailor To Fit

Our tape measures are always on hand to custom grade a pattern guaranteed to have the perfect fit


Have the option of wearing your fur on the flip side with a water repellent fabric of your choice


Explore a multitude of fabulous vest patterns designed from your fur


By selecting a new lining in a brilliant color or pattern you can give your fur a pick me up


Lighten the load by shearing your fur for a velvet finish


A long fur coat is too fabulous to sit in a closet. A quick and seamless shortening will give you the versatility to pair your fur with any outfit.


It’s the details that make the difference, and our experts can adjust your sleeve length, hemline and basic shape to give a perfect fit, every time.

Design Now

Simply make an appointment to work together with our experts and explore the possibilities of your new design.

Enlarge to Fit

Tailor your fur with our made-to-measure expertise for a proper and flattering fit.

Add Trim

Select from our broad collection of luxurious chinchilla, sable and fox trims to add to your fur, leather, denim or other garments for new refreshing look.


Monograms are the perfect way to personalize your fur, especially if it’s a gift to a loved one. We have countless color and font options to choose from to create a unique monogram just for you.

Add a Hood

Add a new dimension to your fur with a creative design by shortening your long coat and creating a detachable hood


From your fur or trimmings, we can design headbands, scarves and collars to wear as a stylish accessory – an ideal way to ensure that you’ll be getting the most from your fur redesign.


If your fur has unwelcomed guests, we can professionally process the fur to remove all traces of moth damage

Color Restoration

Age and natural oxidation can leave your fur discolored and dull. We can effortlessly restore your fur to its original luster and beauty.

Perfect Your Closings

Replace worn or broken closings to function or select a new button to show your personality


Our specialized fur cleaning process will restore the vitality and luster of your fur for years to come.


When the temperatures heat up, professionally store your furs in our temperature-controlled vault to keep your furs looking new every year.


For new, vintage fur and fur-trimmed garments, our specialized conditioning process revitalizes fur’s natural beauty and keep you looking your absolute best.

Home Décor

From your fur or trimmings, we can create full or accented fur blankets, throws or pillows – the perfect way to add luxury and exceptional warmth to your home decor.


A fur is not only a fashion statement, it’s an investment and should be protected. We offer a certified fur appraisal by our authorized experts to detail the true value of your fur. For insurance, estate planning or resale purposes, our appraisal will have you covered.


Transform your fur into a supple and warm blanket, and select from an array of luscious velvet or cashmere backings to experience comfort like never before.

Each fur is evaluated on a piece by piece basis. We work with you and recommend your best possible choices on how to make your fur fabulous. It is our pleasure to explore the options you have in caring for your fur. Please call 917-886-1205 to arrange an appointment and have your very own Fur by Design. We can’t wait to see what we create for you.